In the year 2013 UNESCO Club of Education Charter was established for promotion of UNESCO declarations / Activities/ works and efforts.

The Club is actively promoting one of the declarations of UNESCO (Higher Education for the Twenty-First century) with its parent organization, CCLP Worldwide.

One of the main missions of the club is to promote Education Charter International.

The Education Charter International has been the source of action for thousands of volunteers, organizations, Government bodies, and academic institutions.

Why and how to select right Olympiad Exams

Olympiad competitions and exams are sweeping like a craze among young students. Each day comes a new format of Olympiad exams in various subjects. The Olympiad exams are a bit crowded and it is difficult to choose the right one.
The Olympiad exam is conducted at the school level and students from all classes are taking high interest in appearing for Olympiad examinations to prove their merit.

The latest research on the delivery of quality education in the top 25 CBSE Schools in West Bengal 2022

We are happy to share that the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Association (WFUCA) endorsed the Education Charter International on 30th Nov’, 2014.