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The UNESCO Club of Education Charter is one of the recognized clubs of UNESCO and the club name was published in the 2018 edition of the 2079 clubs list by UNESCO.

The UNESCO Club of Education Charter is a premier club recognized by CUE

The UNESCO Club of Education Charter has a mutual understanding with the UNESCO Club of Fushe Kosove.

Certificate of Recognition from CUE.
The Club was officially published in the UNESCO List of UNESCO Clubs and centers worldwide in 2018.
MOU with UNESCO Club of Kosovo-Fushe

🌍 Unlocking the Power of UNESCO: Join the Club of Education Charter! 🌍

Are you passionate about education, culture, and making a difference in the world? The UNESCO Club of Education Charter invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and impact!

As a UNESCO-affiliated club, we are dedicated to promoting UNESCO’s values and activities in education, science, culture, and communication. Our mission is to engage, educate, and empower individuals to contribute to a more peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Why join us? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Global Impact: By joining our club, you become part of a global network of individuals and organizations committed to UNESCO’s mission. Your actions can have a meaningful impact on communities around the world.
  2. Educational Opportunities: We offer a range of educational programs, events, and resources to help you deepen your understanding of UNESCO’s work and global issues.
  3. Community Engagement: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for education, culture, and global citizenship. Our club provides a supportive community where you can collaborate, learn, and grow.
  4. Professional Development: Enhance your skills and knowledge through our workshops, seminars, and training programs. Gain valuable experience that can benefit your career and personal growth.
  5. Inspiration and Creativity: Explore new ideas, perspectives, and cultures through our diverse range of activities and initiatives. Let UNESCO inspire you to think creatively and act compassionately.

Together, let’s unlock the power of UNESCO and make a difference in the world!

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Academic Excellence Unveiled: Saraswati World School Secures Top Spot in Hooghly and Emerges Among the Top 25 CBSE Schools in West Bengal


Established in 2017, Saraswati World School was founded to deliver high-quality education to students in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. Since its inception, the school has remained dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Mission and Vision for Academic Excellence

Committed to positive transformations in students, Saraswati World School focuses on the 4Cs of knowledge – conviction, confidence, communication, and creativity. The school envisions each student progressively achieving their goals under the guidance of proficient faculty, nurturing young lives to their fullest potential.

Introduction to the 21st Century Curriculum

Aligned with CBSE, Saraswati World School prepares students for the All India Secondary School Examination. The curriculum adheres to international standards, featuring NEST (Nature Environment, Science, and Technology) and following NCERT-prescribed syllabi for comprehensive and continuous evaluation.

Quality Education

Saraswati World School unwaveringly commits to delivering comprehensive education, integrating academics, sports, arts, and co-curricular activities. The school emphasizes building a robust knowledge base across subjects and adopts a holistic approach to student growth, fostering character development.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies

At the forefront of innovation since its inception, Saraswati World School employs technology integration, and student-centred learning, and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The school encourages active student participation in various competitions and events.

Experienced and Dedicated Team:

Boasting an experienced faculty committed to quality education, Saraswati World School prioritizes continuous professional development through training sessions and workshops. The school cultivates a supportive and nurturing learning environment, encouraging faculty participation in conferences and seminars.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

Featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure, Saraswati World School provides well-designed classrooms, science and computer laboratories, and a stocked library. The school’s environment is comfortable and conducive to learning, with modern amenities supporting practical learning experiences.

Technological Advancement:

The school’s commendable approach to technological advancements includes digital classrooms, smart boards, and access to online resources and e-learning platforms. Integration of technology enhances the overall learning experience for students.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Saraswati World School promotes co-curricular activities such as music, dance, drama, visual arts, and crafts to develop students’ creativity and artistic skills. Competitions and events provide platforms for students to showcase their talents and interests.

Social Responsibility and Community Engagement:

Committed to promoting social responsibility, the school initiates awareness campaigns, workshops, and community service projects. Students are encouraged to engage in initiatives addressing social issues and developing empathy and global citizenship.

Achievements and Recognition:

Recognized among the top 25 CBSE-affiliated schools in West Bengal, Saraswati World School has earned the title of the best CBSE school in Hooghly. The school’s commitment to quality education is reflected in its infrastructure, teaching methods, and social initiatives. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions and events, showcasing their talents and skills.

Educational Insight: Unveiling CBSE School Performance in West Bengal Through an Innovative Assessment Approach

The assessment of school ratings relied on the endorsed Good School rating matrix from CCLP Worldwide, providing a structured and standardized evaluation encompassing various factors that contribute to the overall quality of education. The research team integrated this matrix with a thorough analysis of Google reviews and ratings spanning January 2023 to October 2023. This comprehensive approach incorporates diverse information sources, ensuring an unbiased evaluation of school performance in India, particularly emphasizing CBSE Schools in West Bengal.

A distinctive aspect of our research methodology is the purposeful avoidance of direct information solicitation from schools or institutions. Instead, the team dedicated considerable effort to analyzing publicly available information, ensuring transparency and objectivity by relying solely on openly accessible data without direct input or influence from the schools.

The primary objective behind publishing school ratings is to offer an impartial perspective on school performance in India. This methodology is designed to ensure a comprehensive and equitable representation of schools, facilitating informed decision-making for parents, students, and stakeholders. In the context of CBSE Schools in West Bengal, our research delved into the digital landscape of these institutions. This involved a meticulous exploration and assessment of each school’s online presence, scrutinizing websites, and evaluating the adopted digital content delivery systems. This emphasis on digital aspects recognizes the contemporary significance of online platforms in education and acknowledges the role of technology in shaping the educational experience.

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Kolkata

The top 25 CBSE Schools with ratings in the video

Top Five CBSe schools in Hooghly, WB

The Top 10 CBSE Schools with Ratings in the Video

Best Five CBSE Schools in West Bengal

Top 25 CBSE Schools what research says

Global Education analysis integrates education outcomes in 2019 pandemic and post-pandemic academic desires or mandated changes.

We delivered the significance of the scholars enjoy throughout the pandemic duration in addition to online education and the effect of pandemic regulations on educational outcomes.

This exciting but equally tedious task has been executed via way of means of the International Organization for Education Charter and the DRPF University Intergovernmental Body.

This study or research program is no longer funded or promoted via way of means of any academic institution or authorities agency.

The aim of this study is to offer a truthful and goal imaginative and prescient of schooling from the attitude of the scholar, teacher, and college or institution.

The research is primarily based totally on statistics to be had withinside the public domain as no statistics or data or information was sought from any institution.

We additionally took into consideration many research and guides posted throughout this time, and We did consider many research papers aligned with our aims and purposes.

However, the studies we finished did now no longer rely upon respondents’ data, however as a substitute for an overview of statistics and notes posted throughout the duration.

For clarity, we have taken the period from April 2000 to March 2022 as a period in which various events, methodologies, or technological applications occurred in the education sector.
This video-based study can be important information for students, teachers, schools and institutions, and society as a whole.
We’ve divided our conclusions into four parts.
And this video represents the first part of an in-depth global study of education.

The second part explains in detail what problems or obstacles all actors encountered in education during this period. This section also discusses the benefits experienced when adapting to a new way of learning.

The third part explains what corrections or changes are needed to achieve better results.

In season four, we continue our school selection practice as before in our 2019 research and 2020 research.
For the sake of clarity, we selected 60 schools and academies to understand the basic reality of the situation.
In this process, we extended our study to schools in West Bengal state, India, and data was collected on CBSE top 60 schools out of 10 points of good school ranking matrix exclusive copyright of CCLP Worldwide. This time, we’ve added another matrix that we call “Digital Content Delivery“.

Soft skill training Inclusion

With the advent of the latest educational policy, the discourse has shifted significantly towards soft skill training, marking a departure from the traditional emphasis on rote memorization. Previously, rote learning was the cornerstone of educational practices, whether in personal tutoring, classes, examinations, or career pursuits. However, over time, gradual paradigm shifts have reshaped the education landscape, emphasizing skill-based learning across various sectors.

The video captioned below covers the topic

Today, discussions within educational circles, seminars, and policy forums predominantly revolve around fostering cognitive skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and other essential soft skills required in the contemporary world. The newly formulated educational curriculum reflects this shift, focusing on equipping today’s generation with skills applicable to real-world challenges, rather than inundating them with irrelevant data and statistics.

Instead of merely imparting knowledge, educators now prioritize the development of speech, leadership, adaptability, and problem-solving skills among students, both within traditional classrooms and through online and offline platforms. Consequently, students are better prepared to tackle the complexities of the modern world, heralding a transformative shift from conventional pedagogy to a more holistic approach to education.

This paradigm shift is emblematic of a new era of learning, representing a nation-building initiative aimed at cultivating a generation of well-rounded individuals capable of addressing societal challenges with confidence and competence.

soft skill

Institutions like Saraswati World School exemplify this ethos through the implementation of innovative methodologies like NEST (Nature, Environment, Science and Technology), which prioritize creativity, technological proficiency, and a deep understanding of subjects.

By embracing soft skill training and fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation, schools can nurture students who are not only academically proficient but also highly creative, competitive, and socially conscious. Through various implementations and collaborations with third-party entities, schools can continue to evolve and thrive in an ever-changing educational landscape.

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Nano Learning – new way to go in learning

Digital Literacy Curriculum- an insight

Digital Literacy Curriculum- an insight

In our increasingly digitalized world, digital literacy is becoming an indispensable skill for all members of the learning community. It goes beyond mere courses or degrees; rather, it encompasses the ability to learn, comprehend, analyze, communicate, and engage in social, cultural, civic, and intellectual activities within digital environments. Proficiency with digital tools is a measure of one’s digital passport.

Communication and collaboration now predominantly occur in digital spaces, which are characterized by their advanced, rapid, and all-encompassing nature.

The emergence of educational technology further underscores the significance of digital literacy.

Here are four compelling reasons to integrate digital literacy into comprehensive plans for schools and colleges:

  1. Anticipating Change: As the digital landscape continues to evolve, young learners must be equipped to navigate an increasingly saturated world of digital technologies.
  2. Bridging Real-World Research: Youth already utilize digital tools for exploration, learning, and communication outside the confines of traditional educational settings. This presents both opportunities and challenges that schools must address.
  3. Addressing Varied Skill Levels: There exists a disparity in young people’s usage and proficiency with digital technology. It is incumbent upon educational institutions to bridge this gap and ensure equitable access and engagement.
  4. Adapting Knowledge Acquisition: Developing digital literacy enables students to access information in an era where digital technology is reshaping how knowledge is created and disseminated. This approach allows schools to connect with students’ experiences and knowledge, making learning more relevant and purposeful.

Nano Learning – new way to go in learning

Nano learning intro-

With the appearance of the latest era for nearly the entirety of work, schooling isn’t any exception to this and brilliant adjustments may be visible in this area wherein the conventional manner of coaching and education is speedy converting to acquire the first-rate from each pupil.

One such initiative is nano learning which is likewise going famous throughout schools, colleges, and universities.

Every other call of nano learning is short learning or macro learning and those are interchangeably used.

In a few places, it’s far visible that nano learning is proven special from microlearning which is altogether a special problem and could now no longer be mentioned on this topic.

The last two years were the hardest for human lifestyles and so for imparting schooling. The high-quality state of affairs has compelled us to take a seat down again in the front of a pc display for hours to obtain schooling.

The outcomes of such lengthy drawn sitting and publicity earlier than pc display are displaying hues withinside the shape of sickness, mental issues, intellectual fatigue, eyesight issues, bodily exertion, etc. and those consequences cause complex issues associated with a reduced state of interest span for college kids way lack of awareness and attention and special conduct of human (pupil) psyche.

Entire learning is compromised as decreased interest span or awareness coupled with disinterest is a matter of concern for everyone. To address the issue of reduced attention span in students you’ll motel to a nano learning version to address the state of affairs.

To outline nano learning in a single sentence is ” to offer statistics/info in smaller feasible length to students to recognize and analyze it in fastest feasible time.”

For instance as opposed to sending a whole chapter of 5000 phrases to students for learning as soon as divided the equal in 500 phrases or Para and offer the equal to college students to gauge it speedily.

From pupil psychology, it’s far obvious that getting to know in brief bursts is proved to be beneficial for students to maintain the statistics and adapt for higher cognition.

On the way to say that through imparting the small pallets of statistics it’s far probable to peer the excellent upward thrust of efficacy in studies.

And if matters circulate in a wonderful course it isn’t always that tough to understand the eye of college students and useful resource their capacity for higher cognition.

The realistic technique to put into effect this version withinside the lecture room is the 4 steps version.

nano learning

No1. Identify the requirement of the students- through this we suggest research and discover the region of the topics now no longer well understood through students or the chapters or subjects college students ask for.

No2. Finalize your getting to know objective – through this, we suggest to recognize the requirement like concept or exercise or indoor or outdoor, etc.

No3. Choose your coaching aid carefully – through this we suggest the usage of technological aids to be had like a smartboard, pc or whiteboard anything you discover appropriate to attain your students.

No.four Last however now no longer least hold your lecture or presentation brief to four-five minutes

To convey nano learning isn’t always a completely smooth process however non-stop efforts and collaboration will assist in reaching it in a shorter time.

Kundalini and Chakras- Tale of Two

Introduction of Kundalini awakening

Kundalini shakti or Kundalini energy has been a subject of great interest especially after a writer named Gopi Krishan (Yogi) discovered it and published it in his book titled Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.

For thousands of years, the saints, rishis, and Yogis of Sanatana dharma are practicing this as their very part of life. The saints and yogis have adopted it in their sadhana.

In times many associate this shakti with supernatural power or outer world power. The understanding of this shakti isn’t clear for general practitioners, yogis, and people with western templates.

About the video

This video brings out the authentic info and knowledge of Kundalini shakti, seven chakras, and thus the impact of shakti ohm on unleashing human power. The first episode deals with seven chakras and their info.

The later episodes will publish more interesting facts about kundalini, Nadi and Shakti ohm

And how to undertake to unleash maximum power.

It’s all about rising intellect improving fitness and upgrading mental skills by adopting pranayama with shakti ohm.


The second episode deals with various perspectives of seven chakras. research of the endocrine system as seven chakras, five koshas in yogic science, and three to 7 layers of bodies in various readings.

The later episodes will uncover much more interesting facts about nadis, ohm, and therefore the way to try to unleash maximum power.

Different perspectives of Ohm

Ohm ॐ Aum (Ohm) Meditation for complete rejuvenation of Physical, subtle, and causal body. The vibration of divine ohm features a deep positive effect on the body, mind, and soul. a requirement for each sadhak (Meditation Practitioner).

The third episode of shakti ohm takes us to the planet of Ohm and its meaning from various perspectives.

Tribandha pranayam, moola bandha and ashwini mudra

Introduction ( pranayam)

Tribandha Pranayama has been in practice since the outing of mind. Most of the yogic books describe the importance of tribandh pranayam. However, in modern days the practice of tribandh pranayam has been lowered down.

People have started their own way of yoga. Yoga is believed to be an exercise involving twisting and turning of body especially in the western world.

What yogic science says

The Patanjali yoga sutras, Sushruta Samhita, and other notable yoga books have emphatically described that Yoga stands for the union of physical body, subtle body, and causal body with greater cosmic energy referred to as Param Brahm.

About this video of tribandh pranayam

This video brings out the authentic information and perspectives of Kundalini shakti, Kundalini awakening, and seven chakras. And it shows the impact of Shakti ohm on unleashing human power.

In this video tribandh Pranayam, Moola bandha, Ashwini mudra, and different mudra pose are described alongside basic pranayamas like Anulom-Vilom (Alternate nostril breathing), Vastrika (Deep Breathing), Kapalbhati (Shining skull breathing), and Ohm.

The aim of this video is to make the audience aware of preparation before practicing shakti ohm.

Introduction ( tribandh pranayam )

tribandh pranayam: The Video attached below provides excellent information about the variability of pranayam including tribandh pranayam and holds demonstrations of varied asana, mudra, and pranayam.

Pranayam Basic

The Video covers the demonstration of kapalbhati kriya (shining skull breathing), bhastrika pranayama ( Deep Breathing ), Nadi Shodhan ( Alternate Nostril Breathing ) resulting in purification of all energy channels, and at the last tribandh pranayam ( Three locks of the body).

The video covers extensive details of Ashwini mudra or kriya ( Sometimes called kegel exercise ), Moolbandh or bottom/anus lock, abdominal lock or Uddiyana bandha, and throat lock or Jalandhar bandh.

The editor has clearly explained the advantages of every of the pranayama with live demonstrations. He has cautioned and clearly mentioned that practicing tribandh may be a matter of fitness and mental alertness.


Each practitioner must make sure that he or she is physically fit to do an equivalent as demonstrated during this video. Furthermore, he has also explained the importance of asana called Veerasana or Vajrasana. and therefore the benefits related to it.


It is advised to ascertain the previous episodes of Kundalini and shakti ohm to know the present videos.

The demonstrated shakti Ohm is practiced by a trained and spiritually active person in yoga.

The viewers are requested not to perform Shakti Ohm merely by watching few episodes.

The Yoga of Shakti Ohm requires dedication, practice, and proper guidance without which it can’t be performed or practiced.

In order to learn Shakti Ohm, the viewer should contact by email the Grand Master of Shakti ohm at editor@cclpworldwide.com to know how to initiate.

The demonstrated Shakti Ohm must be performed after basic pranayama. And there is no exception to it.

The demonstration of Shakti Ohm is merely for knowledge of viewers and not amounting to training or Deeksha (Initiation).

Shakti Ohm Chakraayam is a powerful yogic practice that streamlines the life energy of the human body through seven chakras and Paanch Koshas of body. The viewer must understand the difference between Ohm Chanting and Shakti Ohm.

And It doesn’t undermine or claim to undermine any other yogic asanas or pranayamas. In fact, it is part and parcel of Pranayama.

Shakti Ohm Chakraayam requires proper training and knowledge for the following reasons.

1. Sitting posture is veerasana or bajrasana. It is neither recommended nor possible for many especially old age or physically different people to adopt this posture quickly. It is one of the difficult sitting postures which requires immense practice.

2. Anus and entire pelvic floor muscle conjoined with genitals or female organ lock and release which we call Ashwini mudra and anus closed along with the pelvic floor muscle and reproductive organs for some time called moola bandha also require rigorous training and practice.

3. Deep concentration at each point of chakras requires years of practice.

4. The inhale breathing which is performed as slow, deep, and long breathing also requires some training and fully functional lungs to perform such inhalation.

5. First understanding of Ohm as A… U… M…. and secondly experiencing it is challenging for seekers. Chanting Ohm at different lengths for different chakras is a matter of deep practice and concentration.

6. It is advised to viewers to contact Grandmaster /Saraswati World Foundation for participating in proper training cum initiation.

7. The Shakti Ohm Chakraayam is based on Vedic scriptures and yogic science and understanding of modern science.

8. It has been kept out of the dominion of any man-made religion, color, creed nationality, and border. Hence It is open for all regardless of any limitation said above.

9. The goal of shakti ohm is to bring pure bliss and joy which we read in Vedas as Satchidananda ( Vedic Sanskrit word combination of sat (truth) Chith (expression of knowledge) and Ananda ( Pure Bliss).

10. This practice is dedicated to mankind facing a number of wars, conflicts, epidemics, and religious competition for endless reasons. The practice puts the man above all grief.

Disclaimer (as usual to protect Saraswati World Foundation and its GrandMaster from any legal issues)

1. The author has explicitly cautioned the rules and regulations and defines who is eligible for such practice.

2. Each practitioner must ensure that he or she is physically fit ( in modern medical terms) to do the same as demonstrated in this episode.

3. The author has also explained the importance of asana called Veerasana or Vajrasana and the benefits associated with it.

4. It is advised to see the previous episodes of Kundalini and shakti ohm to understand the current episode.

Please read it with the objectives of the UNESCO Club at this link

Quality Education SDG 4 and schools in post covid


Quality Education – Recently International Organization of Education Charter had concluded data-backed research of schools in West Bengal and had found various key facts.

Research undertaken

The region Hooghly was taken for research and all operating CBSE schools were assessed on the parameter of good school ratings and research brings out following key facts

Key facts and findings

1. With the population of over 55 lacs ( 2011 Census) Only 17 recognized CBSE Schools are operating or functioning in Hooghly District.

2. The List of recognized CBSE Schools in Hooghly don’t have girl’s only school. All the CBSE Schools are promoting co-education.

3. Some of the recognized CBSE Schools exhibit very low public ratings and reviews hence downgraded or removed in good school matrices.

4. Most of the top rank schools are not very old and are new age school with big campus and quality education.

5.Few brands of schools of Bengal have come up as high ranked school.

6. New age school are providing quality education to prepare child for 21st century skill.

7. One school only make it in the list of top 25 schools in West Bengal.

8. Hooghly District will have to go long way to have satisfactory quality education delivery through a network of high rating CBSE Schools.

For more information watch the annexed video

For finding more information about quality education please watch us at you tube.

Please read it with the objectives of UNESCO Club at this link

Girl School stands out in West Bengal

Girl School – Recently CCLP Worldwide conducted an in-depth study of the delivery of quality education and the overall development of students. The research was further narrowed down to CBSE Schools in West Bengal.

And 60 CBSE affiliated schools were chosen to study the trends and quality of education and found the following facts.

  1. Girl School (Girl’s only schools) are one step ahead of boys only and co-ed schools in terms of overall development of students
  2. Most of the top-ranked schools in West Bengal are within the vicinity of Kolkata surrounding.
  3. Many of the new age schools are fast coming as top-ranked schools and providing high-quality education.
  4. Some old brands in school education still carry the weights and preferences of parents.
  5. Girl Schools are exceptionally functioning in West Bengal.

This Video includes the list of top 25 Schools in CBSE operating in West Bengal

Please read it with the objectives of UNESCO Club at this link